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Epic Ventures Motorsports at The 2012 US Open

Our team and driver approached this US Open with both optimism and a hunger for victory. Everyone agreed that we would ride the momentum of a Super Stock Championship and very competitive runs with our RoC Modified and bring both our cars to Dunn Tire Raceway Park (DTRP). The #89 Super Stock would continue to be driven by Terry as we had our eye on winning the Dave London Memorial. All we needed was a little luck (not much) and we could contend for the win in the 100 Lap RoC race.

Friday was a day owned by Mother Nature: cool, wet, sunny, cloudy, rain, pause, rain, day one cancelled. Back at the campsite the hot water felt good, the campfire was warm as are the friendships and we readied ourselves for what we knew would be a marathon day two.

Saturday started at 10:00AM and we would return to the camp around 1:00AM. In between we would practice the #89 and the #50 and Terry wasn’t happy with either car. The Super Stock qualifying heat came first and the car was still not handling well but it became clear that the #89 was just sprung too stiff and we now knew what to do for the main event. After a few other classes ran their events it was time for the Modified heats. Terry was starting back in a pack of fast cars. Just before the start, Andy Pelko had the misfortune of a flat tire while sitting in the line-up shoot. When the green flag flew the first three laps saw lots of action and Terry was able to thread the needle (there may have been a bump involved) and secured a 3rd place finish and a chance at the redraw. Terry would end up drawing #7, inside row 4, based on the other draws – not a bad place to start.

It was now a long wait as we watched several features, the sun set, and temperatures dropped like a rock in to the 50’s. Our plans for the evening had us relocating our pit stall for the modified race while having another pit ready in case the Super Stock would need service. The second last event was the 50 Lap Dave London Memorial. Terry and the #89 tribute car would start mid pack. As the first few laps clicked off and the tires warmed up, Terry advanced through the pack and when a couple cautions sent some leaders to the pits for adjustments, Terry found himself battling for 4th place. That would be our high water mark because as the race continued, the tire stagger grew too much and the car eventually became evil loose. Terry hung on, fought hard on each restart and kept other drivers at bay for a 7th place finish.

With tired arms, Terry brought the #89 pitside, slugged down a G2, a quick smoke, then switched his mind over to the next challenge and slid in to the #50 and strapped in for another 100 laps of on the edge racing. The cold track surface and the hard tires were likely to make the first few laps of the modified main an edge of the seat experience. Unfortunately that would be too true when #14 of Doug Reaume would hop the wheel of #5 Kyle Ebersole (who was avoiding another car) sending the #14 very hard in to the turn 4 wall. An immediate red flag was thrown and track personnel arrived on the scene finding Doug shook-up but ok thanks to great driver safety equipment. Future restarts would be single file to avoid further mayhem. Racing resumed for 22 laps when a spin slowed the pace and a few teams pitted. Terry was cruising in 5th place and the team was discussing the possibility of a “no pit” strategy (which a couple teams would try).

Suddenly on lap 36, while hauling down the back straight the left rear hub would shatter from accumulated stress sending the wheel down the track and the car in to a spinning shower of sparks. Our US Open was now over leaving us all with a lot of “what could have been” thoughts. Terry would win the “hard luck” award which no driver wants but does appreciate to help offset the costs of racing.

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Our cold and tired team repaired the mod, loaded up the two car operation and headed back to the campsite for dinner and some storytelling, story fabricating and story exaggerating got bolder as the night got longer. With good friends you celebrate the victories and commiserate on the tough nights.


Our final race of the season will be the rescheduled Spencer Speedway NY Super Stock 50 on Friday September 28th along with four other classes to close out our season. Hope to see you there.

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