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December 29th, 2010
Season Wrap-Up: Part 1 of 3 

Our modified teamís accidents and injuries in the early part of the season impacted our 2010 plans immensely. Collectively we decided to skip several ROC tour races and focus on three end of year specials. That meant for the remainder of June through August we would provide support for the racing efforts of our crew members and friends. The Street Stock of Kris Hillegeer would find the winnerís circle four times in 2010 and a 2nd place season points total. Ryan Hillegeer experienced an exciting first ever Super Six win on the final night of racing and a 5th place points total. Kevin Bertolone had his first ever Four Cylinder win and grabbed a second win before the year was out finishing with a 2nd place points total.  

The #11 Sunoco Modified of John Avery was piloted by both Jody London and Terry Cheetham during race events while John ran practice laps when time allowed. The car improved a lot through the season finishing as a top 5 contender. 

For those interested in some additional pictures and weekly racing commentary, check out our FACEBOOK page Epic-Ventures-Motorsports-Group.  

The first of the three ROC races was held Sept 11th at Spencer Speedway. Terry drove the #50 while Jody London drove the #18 for his first ever ROC Modified experience. The team plan was to have Jody run as many laps as attrition dictated and save the car for the upcoming US Open. Jody did a fine job, enjoyed the seat time and gave his fans another reason to cheer his growth. Terry ran fair in his qualifier which put him in another mid-pack starting position. With only a couple laps in, it was clear that many racers were trying to find an inside line as quickly as possible. A car came down across Terryís right front sending the #50 in to the infield and then spinning out on to the track where a collision with an innocent competitor ended our evening very early. With lots of laps remaining, basic repairs were made so that we would not be rushed back at the shop as we would need to prepare the #50 for the Oswego ROC 200.  

In Part 2 of 3 we will recap our US Open efforts.

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