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June 3rd, 2010
Memorial Day Weekend a Wild Ride

Our teammates began the highly competitive weekend at Spencer Speedway to finish up the prior week’s heats and features that Mother Nature had rudely interrupted. In the Weekly Modified division, Jody London was called upon to run John Avery’s #11 in the 100 lap opener. Jody’s main mission was to bring John’s car home safe while taking advantage of the historically substantial attrition. To our surprise, the modified drivers behaved themselves on the new asphalt and after 65 laps, we called Jody pit side with a 15th place finish.

John will return to his car for continued laps as he pursues rookie of the year honors.

In Street Stock action, Kris Hillegeer had a great opening night by patiently waiting for an opening on leader Michael Wright and completing the pass for the opening night victory.

Brother Ryan Hillegeer had the roughest night, crashing out of the Super Six main event while battling for 6th place. Repairs should be completed in time for another battle this Friday.

And finally, Kevin Bartalone in a sister colored #18 to the Hillegeer cars recovered for a 3rd place finish in the Auto Value Scorpion 4 cylinder class. Kevin is clearly more competitive in 2010. We wish Kevin continued success.

Next up was the Oswego Speedway Richie Evans Memorial 75 lap RoC Modified event on Saturday. We had a great team turn out and arrived ready for our first full challenge and Terry’s arm was feeling healed. With a new chassis/motor combination it took all three practice sessions to improve the performance package. With gains being made every session, our optimism grew. Our heat race resulted in a qualifying finish and more information that made us realize we could be even better for the main event.

Starting 14th, Terry gradually moved forward and was challenging for 9th place when disaster struck. At the start of the main, event a fellow competitor had a major oil leak which spread oil around the second grove of the speedway. Although the track did it’s best to clean up the greasy surface, there may have been a little remaining in the outer grove as when Terry took a slightly higher line, the car instantly careened in to and climbed the wall remaining on its side for almost the entire length of the back straight away.

Emergency crew was right on the scene and removed Terry for a thorough examination. Terry, naturally disappointed, returned to the speedway with team owner Tom Fecteau to watch the remaining race when we were shocked as #88 Billy Putney crashed in a similar manner.

At the race shop, the #05 was evaluated and it appears the damage was absorbed by many of the suspension components. No major damage was sustained by a lot of parts will need replacing before we return to the RoC series. Hopefully, we can return for the Spencer RoC show on the 18th so watch our web site and subscribe to our Tweeter account to keep abreast of our latest progress.

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