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April 26th, 2010
Albany-Saratoga: Cold, Fast, Rain, Hail, Crash

The EpicVentures team made the haul to the season opening ROC event managed by the Modified Racing Series. It was educational to run by another organization's process as the MRS operates somewhat like the NASCAR Modified Series with stringent tire and weight rules. With a new power plant and some chassis upgrades in the #05 we looked forward to Saturday practice. The morning was cold and wet but it cleared up enough in the afternoon to run several practice sessions. Our team struggled to understand the cause of an engine skip which was due to the new motor's demand on the carburetor. By Sunday's qualifier event we had corrected the problem (with thanks to Jan Leaty for his assistance).

On Sunday, a poor random draw put Terry near the back of a 12 car heat but we clearly had an opportunity to finish in the top 5. On lap three ROC rookie Pat Emmerling #03, who had trouble handling his "loose" car all weekend, exited turn four wide and bounced off the front stretch wall and across the track leaving no time for Terry to evade the hard crash. Both cars were done for the day and Terry was sporting a very sore arm as an unwanted bonus. Shortly after the clean-up, the rains and some hail followed causing the event to be rescheduled for a later Friday in May. Due to prior racing commitments it is unlikely we will attend the make-up event unless the date is changed to another Sunday.

We thank our team members Doug Cheetham, Kris Hillegeer, John Avery, Jimmy Steingraber, Ryan Hillegeer, Bridget O'neil and Amanda Webber for their dedication during some less than enjoyable conditions.

We will be at Spencer Speedway for testing and lending help to our team's local race efforts. The next ROC race is scheduled for Sunday May 16th at Shangri-La 2, the newest track in New York with a concrete surface. We hope to see you at these speedways.

Other news: Our team, in conjunction with the Sandler Training Center - Elmira, NY has sponsored laps at the season opening Bob Hanbury Memorial race at Chemung Speedway this coming Friday, April 30. Our Sandler office allows small business to have access to the same high caliber systems used by Fortune 500 companies to improve Customer Service, Sales, Management and Leadership performance.

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