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September 26th, 2008 
Goals were Blown Away Thanks to Great People

The 58th running of the Race of Champions (ROC) at Oswego Speedway finally let the racing world see the talents of Terry Cheetham in their premier division - the ROC Modifieds. Our early season races showed that the #50 and Terry could run strong but we had not run the car at Oswego before and we weren't sure how we would stack up against the many top teams that would be running. Also, in the back of our minds, was 13 previous years of crashes, broken parts and DNQ. Last year was a step forward in many ways, but it was also a continuation of past trends. We really needed this year to be different.

One key challenge we would be facing is a full pit stop. Our outlook was a bit anxious as we would be making a four tire change plus adding 10 gallons of gas and we were in need of some additional manpower. With the help of fellow SST Modified competitor Todd Stritzel, were able to get connected with Eddie Hawkins, Sr. and the crew from the former Hawkins family Modified Team. In addition, we were able to secure the driving services of Eddie Hawkins, Jr. to race Terry's #11. As we weren't sure which crew members we would see on race day, you should have seen our faces when the camping area was full of new faces and Eddie Sr. guiding folks through the morning preparations. We were blown away.

And with our confidence renewed, we went on to help Terry have the best ROC experience in 14 years. Terry completed the entire 200 lap event, ran door to door with many top teams, and took home a 7th place finish. When the race was over, the celebrations were enthusiastic (too say the least) as there had been far too many years and frustrations that now could be put behind us. By the way, if you want to know any race details, just ask us, we love retelling all the back stories.

As with any long race weekend, we were faced with several setbacks and challenges which we were able to deal with quickly each time due again to great people. Our regular team of Tom, Donna and John Fecteau, Doug Cheetham, Jim Steingraber and Veronica, Kris Hillegeer, Jody London and Bridgette O'Neil provided our base. What made the difference was the Hawkins Team and their children and friends (I hope I write all this correctly) Eddie Hawkins Sr. and Eddie Hawkins Jr., Todd & Erich Stritzel, Casey & Nathan Gilbert, Ryan (Jack Man #1), Cody Stevens, Billy Semmler, Donnie (Gas Man), Kevin Ide, Zach (lighting), and Danielle and Amanda Delyser (I wonder who I missed LOL).

To everyone, you helped me experience something that for many years was just a dream and on behalf of Terry, thank you for giving him the chance to highlight his talent on one of our local areas greatest stages. You are the best.

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