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September 9th, 2007 
Spencer 09-07-2007 "What a wild ride it's been"

The final night of the season started out hot and stayed that way. Our goals were a mix of striving for a "best week ever" and keeping this championship setting night a fun experience for all. The evening would deliver emotions including high optimism, quiet frustration, concern for each other, and a special appreciation for our families and friends.

The Epic Ventures Terry Cheetham #5 SST arrived with another new set up as we searched for the elusive combination that would put him in the hunt for a victory. Practice led to some additional changes, paying off with another heat race victory, Terry's 3rd of the year. A last minute change to the feature line up put Terry on the outside of the front row, so hope was running high. Terry would battle up front for many laps but would eventually fall back to a 5th place finish. Although disappointment was evident, you could see the determination in Terry and his crew to continue moving forward as they now prepare for the Race of Champions at Oswego in two weeks.

The Epic Ventures Tom Fecteau #50 SST came focused on just getting in a respectable finish and adding one more complete feature run for the experience. Practice was troublesome as worn out tires were used but some fun was added as crewman Jim "Steimy" took the car out for a few laps as a "thank you" for his dependability and skills throughout the season. The heat race was dizzying as Tom pushed the car's limits too far and spun out twice. A last minute tire/rim set-up was decided for the feature and the crew made the changes in plenty of time. As Tom adapted to the new set up, it looked promising for some wheel to wheel racing taking shape. Unfortunately, around lap 18 something broke in the front end entering the first turn and Tom slammed in to the tire barrier and wall at a high rate of speed. The race was red flagged immediately and Tom exited the car under his own power, reassuring his crew and family that although sore, all was well. After an exam by on-site medical personnel Tom returned to his pit stall where the team was preparing the remains of the #50 for the long tow back home. We thank all the racers and fans that stopped by, showing their concern for Tom's well being.

Spencer's season is now over. We congratulate Terry's 4th place finish in the SST points thanks to 3 heat wins, 4 "top 5" finishes, 12 "top 10" finishes and only 1 DNF. Tom's first and final complete season fell far short of his goals. Far too many DNS (did not start) and DNF (did not finish) results were the main roadblocks to success. In the Modified class, Terry's #11, although missing in action these last two weeks, ran well enough this season to finish 10th in points as well. We hope the Spencer Speedway fans found our involvement helped them enjoy their auto racing experience in 2007.

Epic Ventures will attend two more big races with Terry and the #5. We will have to assess the damage and the resources needed to repair the #50 before committing to any more events in 2007. We will be making an announcement shortly about some additional ROC involvement so click back in a week and see what we are up to next.

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