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September 5th, 2007 
Spencer 08-31-07 "The Lessons Continue"

The #5 and #50 set up their equipment in the early afternoon hoping to capitalize on last week's gains and give the Spencer fans some excitement on the track. There was some excitement, but it was mostly an evening of tough lessons and challenges.

It was a 75 lap special for the SST class (not a SST series special) this evening and Tom and the #50 chose to take their assigned starting position in the heat for the first time this year, hoping to "mix it up" with six of his fellow racers. What Tom received was a lesson on shifting that left him chasing his peers but did conclude with a heat race victory for Terry in the #5. However, Terry was concerned because several chassis changes were not reacting as anticipated. With the season winding down, the #5 crew is striving for a top 3 finish and has been working hard to find "the missing ingredient".

For this longer distance event we were allowed two way radio communications with our "spotters" to give us an early warning of trouble on the track. Terry continues to use his Dad Doug and his friend and fellow Super Six driver Kris Hilligeer. Tom used veteran crewman Jim "Steimy" Steingrabber for his help. All the spotters served their drivers well. When Terry found the new adjustments not to his liking, an early pit stop was well coordinated and got him back in action. Tom was able to run competitively for several laps with the help of Steimy's calming voice in his ear.

Around the 25 lap mark, the #50 was experiencing minor motor performance issues that seemed to be slowly degrading. Before they became an issue, an old problem resurfaced, the clutch centers broke sending Tom to the pits, out for the night. Meanwhile, Terry was slowly making his way back up through the field, the car still not performing at it's best. It looked like the #5 was destined for a mid pack finish when a three wide move put the fans on their feet and put Terry in the 8th position where he would finish the evening. As the evening wrapped up, an air of disappointment was evident in both drivers.

Our weekend was filled with car maintenance and a team meeting which has our drivers focused on doing whatever is needed to finish our year with our best ever finishes. We have the equipment and the skills to do it. Come watch us rise to the occasion as its double point's night and you know our competitors will be trying to do the same.

Once Spencer closes for the season, we will be focused on two big shows: the Race of Champions at Oswego September 21 & 22, and the US Open at Lancaster Motorsports Park September 29 & 30. Send us an e-mail if you'd like information on our schedule for those events.

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