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October 4th, 2009
Finally, a Top 5 Finish comes at the Fall Shootout 

After a long and often frustrating 2009 season of "almost" good results, Terry was able to bring home the #5 Sandler Training, Stones Snow Sled, Blair Roofing, Rawden's Dairy - SST Troyer Modified to a strong 5th place finish. In addition the EpicVentures team was able to add their personal support to the third annual Dave London Memorial for SST Super Stocks. It was a great day for racing in all the classes and the fans closed out the upstate NY asphalt season with a great show at "The Bullring" of Wyoming County International Speedway. 

We started the day by bringing both SST Modifieds to ensure that Terry could have the best opportunity to compete for a win. Although the yellow #50 competed well the last time we visited, the black #5 was the faster car right from the start. As we looked around the pit area, you could see that there were a lot of fast teams present but Terry's practice times were the same as our best competitors. So with the yellow #50 sitting idle, team owner "Torpedo" Tom Fecteau took the opportunity to turn a few laps for the last time in a SST Modified. The plan for the #50 would be to have some fun and bring it home intact as the car had recently been put up for sale. 

Qualifying went well as Terry secured a competitive 3rd place finish putting him in to the "redraw", a random positioning of the top 12 finishing cars. Terry would end up starting 12th with 14 other cars following. Tom would start 24th. The early stages of the 100 lap event would show a number of cautions but thankfully, no multi-car accidents as has happened many times before. Tom stayed out until he went 2 laps down and with the field looking like level headed driving was the rhythm, Tom pulled to the infield and a 22nd place finish. 

Terry had to race hard towards the front as the top cars were all fast. Late in the race would find Terry as high as 4th but then a series of cautions for spins and crashes would reveal the weakness of the #5, the car had become very loose and on restarts Terry would loose ground and was vulnerable from faster cars. Falling back to 6th and at risk for falling back further, another set of spins gave Terry the chance to reclaim 5th place, giving our team the best finish of the year. 

Our crew of Amanda, Doug, Kris and John celebrated the end of a long streak of set backs and unfulfilled expectations. Terry, ever the competitor, gave us a quick look of wishing he had done better but it wasn't long before he smiled knowing that 21 other competitors had not done as well and several were cars that on several previous occasions had finished ahead of us; but not this day. Later around the campfire we rehashed the day, enjoying the end of this season. 

In the Dave London Memorial race, 19 of 20 Super Stocks lined up for an exciting and competitive 50 lap race. Racers from all over NY, one from PA and one from NC, all were ready to vie for over $5,000 in purse and bonus monies. Jody London, David's son, was proud of the support from the many contributors (see photos) as well as the good turn out of cars given another asphalt speedway was also running the same day. Jody felt that the race once again was a great way to honor the racing heritage and friendships his Dad was known for. He was right, it was. 

You know, sometimes one really, really good day can make up for a lot of frustrating ones. Be well everyone and we will let you know of our 2010 plans as soon as we know the level of resources available. We will also post our off-season activities from time to time like upcoming Trade Shows, Fund Raisers and just plain fun activities. 

For a write up on all the day's races and detailed results click: Fall Shootout Results - RaceNewYork Press Release post

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