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July2nd, 2009 
June Recap

The first few weeks of the season have been like a bad roller coaster ride, we are still waiting for the thrilling part of the ride to kick in. To recap, we crashed out of the Spencer SST event, Jody got faked out by a bad gauge and Kris was working hard at getting his Street Stock to not spin out when he steps on the gas.

Over the next couple weeks Kris continued to improve and won his first Heat race over the dominant car of Jim Stephenhagen. Kris now runs competitively with the other non-crate motored cars. Jody came back for one more Spencer race and had a very competitive finish in hand when the race was allowed to restart with fluid on the track that caused Jody to spin and restart from the back with only a couple laps remaining. Jody was very happy that he is now racing door handle to door handle with several other competitors. We were to run Spencer the following week but the discovery of water in the motor of the #50 brought our efforts to a quick halt.

Our team goals for 2009 are to learn how to be competitive at Speedways we had not run at or had not run an SST car at in years. First up was Chemung Speedrome where we used a twin features format as a long practice day. It turned out to be much more practice then racing as Terry struggled to two top 10 finishes and a lot of chassis questions still needing answers. Next came a rain out where we had planned to do the same twin feature strategy at Holland Speedway and now there is no place in our schedule to make up the date, so we will be going to the "George Decker Memorial" cold.

We finally got another weekend of traveling accomplished with a 75 Lap SST event at Dunn Tire Raceway Park (Lancaster). Again we fought a steep learning curve and with Terry's talent managed to get a very loose car to finish 11th but at least with some very good lessons. We were starting to feel like we were finally gaining on our goals. Jody London also ran this event running faster than he had in the past at DTRP. Two infield spins over the day's events caused the radiator cooling to be affected and he pulled out near the end with real overheating issues this time. So progress was being had by all our teams.

We concluded the weekend with a race at Chemung again, a 75 Lap special. This time we performed much better and had a good starting spot in the main event when the rains came. Look out competitors, we are making progress.

With the Chemung make up date scheduled for the 4th of July weekend and the return of our formerly leaking motor, we had to change plans and will be racing Spencer on the 3rd and Chemung on the 4th. For those fans that see us as a new car at your speedway, you will probably see one of our campers in tow as we are learning to relax after these long travel/race days. If you see us having a soda over our fire pit, feel free to stop by and say hello. To our long time Spencer fans, we'll stick around after the races and give you time to say hello. See you all soon and watch our web site for further schedule changes as mother nature has her fun with us throughout the Summer.

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