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August 29th, 2007 
Aug 24th Spencer “X-ray vision powers would have helped”

Another hot late summer afternoon greeted the Epic Venture team. Track temperatures of 110 degrees and in-car temps of 120+ put drivers and crew to the test before the main events even started. When the night was over, all the cars sat safely on their trailers and everyone appreciated the time to rest and chat with family and friends.

Tom’s SST #50 came with a new setup and his crew worked hard to get him a good combination of tires to go with it, and they succeeded. Tom ran competitively with several cars in the 2nd half of the field. In the end, a couple late race driving miscues cost Tom a couple spots but a sense of accomplishment remained as Tom finished 16th (out of 23).

Terry’s SST #5 was again running good but not quite great. We were wondering what caused him to run to a lackluster 9th place finish. As the car came to rest in the pit area, oil could be seen dripping from the windshield. Terry couldn’t see! Terry had driven almost the entire feature with another car’s oil blurring his vision and eventually making driving nearly impossible. We felt fortunate that Terry was able to stay out of trouble as there were many spins and accidents in the main event.

The team enjoyed seeing fellow racer Jody London’s return to racing. Although he scored a DNF, he thanked the Epic Venture group for helping him get back out with a car he feels can be competitive.

This coming week at Spencer will feature the SST class in a 75 lap special. The season is winding down and we are working hard at improving our best finishes and competing for the win. Come cheer us on and visit us afterward. See you soon.

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