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August 3rd, 2007 
Spencer 08-03-07 "After the rain Terry drove through the pain"

Having a week off due to rain on July 27th, the Epic Ventures cars came back eager to test out new set ups and helping Terry with the second 100 lap Modified event. As we unloaded our cars, everyone noticed Terry not feeling well. Turns out that earlier in the day he pulled a muscle in his shoulder causing great pain in his neck. Naturally, there was no holding him back this evening.

The #50 SST of Torpedo Tom had a great practice and had clearly improved lap times once again. Enthusiasm was high. In his qualifying heat, at the drop of the green flag, it all would come to an abrupt end. As he hit the gas, the clutches tore themselves apart and Tom coasted to a stop. Unable to make repairs it was time to put all our focus towards Terry and his efforts.

Terry's #5 SST Modified performed well in practice and the team decided to put a similar set up in to the #11 ROC Modified. Both cars performed well in their heats but we were concerned with how well Terry could endure his neck pain as the night wore on. Terry, who has had a long streak of poor random draws for position hit the jackpot this evening with the help of "TJ" Hillegeer, son of Super Six driver and advisor to the Epic Ventures Team, Kris Hillegeer. TJ drew the #1 or "Pole" position for the Modified 100. It's amazing how fortunes go from down to up so rapidly in the sport of racing. Little did we know more was yet to come, and not all good.

As Terry went out to line up for the SST main event, the power steering hose broke on the #5 spewing fluid but no one was hurt. The crew made repairs to allow the car to return to the line up but now Terry would have to use every once of strength to control the car while enduring an ever increasing level of pain. Terry fought through this adversity and battled with competitors taking home an amazing 7th place finish. However, as he climbed out of the car, Terry slumped to the ground, unable to speak from the pain and exhaustion.

With ice packs and 15 minutes of rest, Terry readied himself for the 100 lap special. The race evolved according to plan with Terry running a very competitive 4th place through most of the race and our sights were set on improving positions after the planned upcoming pit stop for a right rear tire. After a late race caution, all cars dove for the pits and our night took a step backward with an air gun malfunction. Restarting in 11th position Terry some how found the energy and blocked out the pain to pass several competitors and salvage a 6th place finish. All in all an amazing feat. With the night completed, it was time to plan repairs on cars and drivers as more racing lies ahead.

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