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July 23rd, 2007 
Spencer 07-20-07 SST Special was a little special

We brought both SST modifieds and Terry's ROC modified to Spencer for the SST 75 lap special. With all our cars parked in the infield, we were ready to put on a great show for all the fans. The #50 never was quite right this evening. Our crew performed well but our chassis changes were exaggerated by new tires when we were hoping the new tires would correct some of the problems. A small error compounded itself when we discovered that the battery had drained prior to the main event and the alternator would not recharge the system. After being involved in a lap 29 restart accident, the car acquired a bad vibration (which turned out to be a bent rim) and the push/tight conditioned worsened because the front air scoop was no longer aerodynamic (from the same crash). With the power draining from the system causing the engines power to decline, now running two laps down, and it didn't look like there would be much more attrition, Tom elected to park the car and get an early start on repairs for next week. Making Tom's finish a 22nd place out of 27 cars that started (two additional cars could not make the call for the main event).

The #5 qualified out of his heat event but was outside of the redraw positions, putting Terry starting behind many fast cars in the 18th position. With so many good cars entered, we knew Terry would need a great performance to get in to the top 10. Terry did just that with an 8th place and hardly any battle scars for the effort. Terry's #11 ROC Modified ran in their main event and struggled somewhat with tire problems. Terry would end his evening early with a 12th place finish.

We enjoyed seeing one of our long time fans Linda Supernault and she brought along a friend to show her the racing scene at Spencer. Another piece of good news is that it looks like our friend "Gator Boy" Jody London will be coming back to the SST competition in the next week to two weeks. We have found some decent used tires to help him get started and will be assisting with chassis set up in the shop. I also want to personally thank long time Modified fan Frank Vareeka for his enthusiasm and words of encouragement and a few good laughs now and then, all in support of my mission this year. Thank you Frank.

We will be back in the regular pit area this week, so stop on down afterwards, we'd love to see you.

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