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July 17th, 2008 
Mid July Progress Report (EV is working hard and learning to play well with others)

Let's recap the last couple weeks and take a look at how the season is progressing for our team and our friends.

Team owner Tom Fecteau was given a pleasant surprise when shortly before the July 4th double features race he was informed by 2007 Mechanic of the Year Doug Cheetham and his son Terry that the yellow #50 SST Mod was ready to race. This would be Tom's first trip back behind the wheel in 2008. Tom decided to "buy in" to the rained out feature from June for the #5 & #50 and was rewarded with a 5th for Terry and a 18th for Tom who ran out of gas with 3 laps to go. Yes there were lots and lots of caution laps.

In the regularly scheduled main event Terry struggled to a 7th place and Tom got involved in a multi car crash on the opening lap and was out with a lot of suspension damage. It was a frustrating night because we are not finding the answers to the #5's ill handling and it was disappointing to take the rebuilt #50 home needing lots of repair. Disappointment also befell our friend Kris Hillegeer when contact from another car caused enough suspension damage that officials "black flagged" Kris for fear a tire would be cut down at race speed. The damage assessment was that nothing structural needed repair and Kris would be running the next week.

The following week brought back our optimism and excitement as we may have found a key piece to the #5's handling issues. Our plan was to race hard but treat this week as a big test session. With the NASCAR Whelen Tour Modifieds in attendance for their special, we would have fewer opportunities to make adjustments. In the end, Terry placed 12th and we are looking forward to another race night to adjust the car further. Also Jody London was back out in his #89 SST and had one of his best showings in quite some time. Jody raced hard, stayed on the lead lap and kept the next group of cars in sight all evening. It was a great confidence booster for "Gater Boy" and his team. We also got to meet the son of long time crew member Ric Abbott, Mike, who lent a much needed hand. After our races the team headed to the grandstands to talk to friends and watch NASCAR's oldest division put on a great show around Spencer's flat half mile.

So how's the season look so far? Terry and the #5 have 5 top tens and 4 top fives after 7 Weekly Modified starts. He also has 3 top 10 and 1 top five in the Touring Modifieds (#11 & the black #50) and has had a chance to fight for the win in both classes. Kris Hillegeer has won several super six races and has 2 top ten finishes in Terry's #11 Touring Modified. Kris' brother Ryan was able to capture a Super Six win as well. Jody has been out 3 times and has completed every scheduled lap and his speeds have increased at every event. This trend has the potential for our team to provide you with some great entertainment and excitement through the end of September. Come join us as the season continues with lots yet to come.

A quick note for our fans, we will be unable to attend either the Holland SST race or the Oswego ROC Modified show scheduled for this Saturday. See you at Spencer this Friday.

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