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July 16th, 2007 
Spencer: Friday the 13th not such a bad day.

The Epic Ventures & T&K Motorsports Teams arrived a little uneasy considering that all of our past three car efforts had someone going home with problems. But not this night! This week our fortunes would take a major step forward and no better time to have it happen than on a double points night. Terry bested his opening night 5th place finish with a 4th place, and a heat win, all on old tires.

Tom was able to be competitive enough to also have his best finish this year, a 13th out of 24 cars, and 3 cars were actually behind him. The mechanical demons from the prior week had successfully been conquered. Now we can get back to the business of improving the performance of the #5 and the #50 SST Modifieds. Because it was double points night, Terry is now in 4th place overall and Tom has climbed to 21st.

Terry's ROC Modified was back to make sure that the repairs from the ROC wreck had been taken care of properly and that the handling was back. A 9th place finish on mostly used tires showed that all his team's hard work had paid off.

Our SST cars are being given a thorough going over this week as the SST series comes to town with a big 75 lap special this Friday. Like the ROC event from two weeks ago, this event usually brings additional talent from other speedways resulting in some vary competitive racing throughout the pack. We will be pitting in the infield so fans can enjoy the added view of our teams and their good looking cars.

We had a neat discovery this week when we found out that our sons had taken some personal photos a few times this year. Soon we will be posting new links to the photos section that we hope you enjoy. We look forward to seeing you this Friday. Be well.

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