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July 10th, 2007 
Spencer 070607 The good, the bad, and the frustrating

The EpicVentures team showed up with our main focus on Terry Cheetham's effort in the 100 Lap ROC Modified special. With the special series pitting in the infield for better fan viewing, the #11 and #5 took center stage. With the focus being the #11, we ran the #5 "as is" from last week, and Terry managed a fine 7th place finish in the SST main event (this was the "good" part).

On the #11 Modified, Terry showed his resourceful skills when he determined a major chassis experiment was just not getting the job done and quickly the team made corrections. Terry successfully qualified out of the heat race with this new set up. During the early laps of the main event, the #11 was capable of running the outside lane, a big advantage at this speedway. Unfortunately, a lap 6 accident in front of him resulted in terminal damage to the car (the bad part of our evening). Luckily Terry was uninjured but the damage was extensive.

Our #50 and crew were stationed in the normal pit area, separated from our teammate's advice and assistance. That would turn out to have an impact on our results. Practice and qualifying were increasingly frustrating for driver Tom Fecteau as the car was very loose on corner entry resulting in several spins. As the evening wore on, the engine performance deteriorated, which appeared carburetor related. And finally, the transmission was getting harder and harder to shift between gears. We received some help from fellow competitor Phil Johnson and long time racer David Catalano but we struggled diagnosing the causes. Adjustments were made but things continued declining. In the main event we ran conservatively hoping to take advantage of other people's troubles but on lap 11, the #50 spun out without causing any damage, unfortunately the car would not restart or go in to gear. Our night was over with a 20th place finish.

During our weekly maintenance we discovered and repaired several gremlins that had caused the frustrating #50 performance. So the #50 and #5 are ready for double points night this coming Friday. The ROC modified is also being repaired and will see action this week as well. We thank you for your support and enthusiastic words of encouragement. Be well and come see us pit side after Friday's events.

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