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June 19th, 2007 
Spencer 06-15-07 #50-19th DNF, #5-14th, #11-5th

In spite of not completing the SST main event, team owner Tom Fecteau had an optimistic outlook on his future. “”I got to race for position in my heat, was able to dodge a wreck, and again made the best “instant” choice during a second accident, even though we sustained some front end damage.”” Tom reflected that this week was an indication that his racing skills were developing to a more competitive level. “We will examine the car and hopefully find only minor items to repair as Friday was shaping up to be a fun night.” 

Unfortunately for the #5, “fun” was not in the cards that evening. A heat race restart accident resulted in heavy damage to Terry’s car as well as two other good competitors. Our amazing crew completed the major repairs in time to start the feature. As Terry raced from the back, he would be in another crash involving multiple cars. Repairs were quickly made but the #5 would not handle well enough to move Terry very far forward. You can go to the Spencer Speedway photo links to view images from the incidents. 

On a brighter note, Terry brought his #11 ROC Modified out for some serious competition. In the end, a 5th place finish showed that the car was ready for our assault on the ROC 100Lap special on July 6th. 

A quick note of thanks goes out to Super Six driver Kris Hillegeer. Kris has been kind enough to lend a hand when crash repairs need tending or when Tom needs another driver’s ear to sort out the car’s behavior. We appreciate your kindness and hope you have continued success in racing and with your family. 

And lastly, we will be writing a little more about one of our crew members in future weekly updates. We hope to see you soon.

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