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June 16th, 2008 
Mid June Update  

To say it's been busy for the EpicVentures crew members and associate teams over the last few weeks would be a bit of an understatement. Let's go back three weeks ago: after lots of debate about what we thought Mother Nature would do, team owner Tom Fecteau decided to change set ups in the #5 and go for the end of May Oswego SST special. With that commitment we parked the #5 for Saturday but we all showed up at Spencer Speedway to provide pit side help for the "Team Mascot" and all around fun guy, Jody "Gater Boy" London's 2008 SST Modified debut. We had a few shake down bugs to work out but Jody ended the night quite happy, car intact and running on the same lap as the leaders. We are looking forward to more progress with Jody's "London Engineering" RE Modified.

On a special note; two old time crew members from Jody's Dad's team have resurfaced to provide weekly maintenance support on Jody's car: Ric Abbott and Ed Engel. Having people you can count on for the mid week help, crucial to showing up ready to race, is some of the greatest but unsung help a team can ever ask for. We all appreciate the time Ric and Ed donate to Jody's efforts.

What happened to Oswego? It rained… so Doug, Terry and Steimy put the #5 back to Spencer dress for the next week. Well, the following Friday was a night of too many questions and not enough answers. Questions like why the #5 could be so strong throughout the evening only to fall off during the main event? Questions like how after a crash where three cars in front of Terry leave the track, but Terry doesn't gain any positions? And last, when did the rules for "jumping the start" change? OK, maybe I'm guilty of some bias but in the end, the "No Whining" rule applied and we loaded up determined to come back stronger in two weeks.

The final week for this report changes focus from our #5 SST Modified to our #50 ROC Modified as we debuted the new car and a new car/driver combination. First the new 2003 Troyer chassis driven by Terry Cheetham had been given a quick shake down the prior week and was ready for the twin 25 format and doing battle with two NASCAR tour stars (we call them "invaders"). Several small adjustments to the chassis and a "redraw" qualifying finish have the team very optimistic about what the future holds. And then Mother Nature reminded us of who is really in charge. The Tour Modified features will be made up on June 27th on Spencer's "Pack the Track" night with discounted ticket prices. Spread the word, there is not a better value for your entertainment dollar on that night, bar none.  

The other announcement was that our chassis specialist, Kris Hillegeer, made his Modified debut in Terry's #11 ride. Kris showed great skill in building up speed with each practice session and a great performance in his qualifying heat. Come and see Kris handle a "Ground Pounding" Modified in his first feature on the 27th.  

We are gearing up for the 75 lap SST Modified special this week. Come cheer us on and stop by afterwards as we race the #5 and the #89 SST Modifieds and Kris is back in his #18 Super Six. See you soon.

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