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June 5th, 2007 
Spencer 06-01-07 #50-24th DNF, #5-6th, #11-12th

It was a mix of progress and disappointment for the Epic Ventures team this past Friday. The number 50 had a fair round of practices and qualifying heat. Our driving skills improved and we are close to running a competitive speed. However, the feature proved problematic with a first lap crash resulting in the car becoming slightly airborne and coming to rest with several broken parts in the front end. Another long weekend of work by Doug and Terry and the number 50 is ready to go again.


Terry and the number 5 saw their first checkered flag of the season with a heat win. A tough starting spot in the main event pushed Terry back in the early going but a series of spins and accidents by our competitors helped Terry again flirt with a top 5 finish. “The car was stronger than our finished showed as a new tire did not come to size as we hoped”. The ability of Terry to garner a sixth place finish with an ill handling set-up supports why we selected him to drive our main car. With an overall 7th place point standing, we are in a good position with lots of racing remaining.


Terry’s T&K Motorsports #11 ROC Modified was there for some testing and was not in full race trim this evening. The modified will be back for a regular show after some additional maintenance in preparation for the 100 lap ROC event on Friday July 6 th. In the mean time, enjoy the races this coming Friday and stop down afterward. We have a ready supply of bubbles for the kids and we encourage them to sit behind the wheel of our cars for fun or for pictures.


In closing, we are looking for a spotter to help us at the July 20th SST 75 lap special. With the recent policy change making crew pit pass prices affordable, your help would be appreciated. Please contact us if you are interested in interviewing for the position (experience not required).

Sodus, NY  (315) 483-6519  

Newark, NY  - (315) 483-4329