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Tom Fecteau


May 29th, 2007 
May 25 Spencer: #50-16th, #5-7th  

We had a decent weekend all around by having both cars take the checkered. The team strategy of no one taking on any pressure to “make up” for last week helped everyone. I picked up more speed by not running on the ragged edge and Terry managed to stay away from the wrecks. We also learned more about how far these tires can be pushed before they just stop working well. After last weeks expensive outing, we were financially conservative on tires and it likely cost Terry 3-4 spots. So this coming week we will be able to give Terry a better set-up come feature time.


Something that did have me a little worried was the number of weddings that various crew members were obliged to attend. However, we agree that special days like this need to be shared and appreciated. If you’d seen our pits in action, you would not have noticed we were down three folks as our rookie members stepped up nicely and our sophomores bumped it up a notch. I want to say thanks to Donna (my wife), Cathy (my sister) and Jody London for taking care of me. Terry’s crew consists of Keri (his wife), Doug (his Dad) and new member (but an old pro) Jim “Stymie”. This coming week we should have Bob Tryka and John (son) back so I’m excited about our ability to improve a little more.


Summing up, you know it was a good night when the races were done before 9:30, there’s a crowd around your trailer having fun conversations, and there are kids sitting in your cars imagining what it’s like to be out on the track.


I have the #50 in Syracuse this week for general maintenance. That will allow Doug and Terry to work on their #11 ROC Modified. Also, Jody continues making progress on his SST with a target of late June, early July. And we are poking some good natured fun at Bob to get his Street Stock finished up this year. If you live in the Syracuse area and would like to stop by the shop and say Hi, give me a call for directions, our shop is at 900 Old Liverpool Road.

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