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May 14th, 2007 
May 11th @ Spencer Speedway: #50-DNS, #5-5th, #11-11th

Well it was a mix of good news and dumb news.

First the good news: I went faster in a race car than I ever have before. After breaking the rust off at practice the prior week, and some coaching from Terry, I picked up enough speed to be competitive in the #50 SST Modified with the other Rookies. This left us all very encouraged as I know there is much more speed left to show as my skills and the car set up improves.


The dumb news was that while I was lining up for a race (I wasn’t even on the race track) my car went through a dip and tore a small hole in the corner of the oil plan. We did not discover the leak until after our qualification (“heat”) race. The oil leak could not be fixed safely so we parked the car for the night without running in the main event. For those new to racing, you will see a “DNS” on any official listing which stands for Did Not Start.


Our primary car (the #5 SST Modified) had a tough heat race getting crashed out on the first lap. Our crew fixed the car and we were ready for the main event (“feature”). Terry started 17th of 20 cars and raced through the field finishing 5th for a great recovery. We are looking forward to next week with an outlook for both teams to do even better.


Terry’s #11 ROC Modified had a tough outing as we discovered a minor problem that plagued the car all evening. Terry chose to run a few laps in the feature and pulled in early as we really needed to do the maintenance back at the shop. The #11 will remain parked for one week so we can further concentrate on the #50 and #5 next week. Our crews are developing nicely and after next week, we should be better prepared to handle the hectic pace that a three car team demands.


We look forward to your e-mails of encouragement and hope to see you at Spencer Speedway soon.

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