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February 16, 2007 
After 45 years of being a fan, a crew member on several teams, and most recently an on again off again driver and car owner, Torpedo Tom Fecteau has committed to taking a more serious approach to his love for racing in 2007 with the creation of Epic Ventures Motorsports Group. The name Epic Ventures parallels Tom's determination to reach for some lofty racing goals this season. The team's main focus will be at the fast and exciting Spencer Speedway, Route 104 Williamson, NY. Tom will be striving for the SST Rookie of the Year honors with the team's #50 1994 Troyer chassis. But that isn't enough to deserve the name Epic Ventures.  

Tom has been able to take a growing involvement with ROC Modified driver Terry Cheetham and his father Doug Cheetham by combining their resources to field a second SST Modified for Terry. Terry will have a 1996 Troyer Chassis with a new TW Machine (Fairport, NY) power plant to go after the SST Track Championship.  

In addition, Epic Ventures will continue to play a support role in Terry's #11 ROC Modified efforts. With several nights planned to have all three cars in competition, we are looking to expand our race night personnel roster through the return of some past teammates. In addition, we are interested in meeting some new faces whether experienced and looking for a new challenge or starting out and willing to be shown the ropes. 

Currently all the equipment is located in Sodus, NY under the care of Terry and Doug. During the season, Tom's equipment will be maintained out of a race shop in the Syracuse area he shares with ROC Modified Rookie Doug Reaume and Oswego Speedway Small Block Supermodified Veteran Bill Moore. 

We are all thrilled with what has been created in the off season and look forward to being part of a more exciting racing show at Spencer Speedway this season.

Sodus, NY  (315) 483-6519  

Newark, NY  - (315) 483-4329