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Driver Profile: "Torpedo" Tom Fecteau

"Torpedo" Tom Fecteau

My early race memories are when my Dad, LaVerne, took me to Spencer Speedway in the early 60's. My Dad exposed me to all the upstate NY asphalt and dirt tracks leading up to our annual trek to the Race of Champions at Langhorne, PA. My total enjoyment of racing has made it difficult to say that any one driver was my hero so I've chosen to admire and appreciate them all.  

I began my personal racing experience driving a Micro Midget at Limerock Speedway in Caledonia, NY winning the Hobby Class in 1973 back when the track was asphalt. I have since followed my Dad's lead and worked on or lent a hand to many teams running at Spencer Speedway and many other Upstate NY tracks. 

Although I have been part of many surprising and exiting events over 40 years, I still recall the first time I got behind the wheel of a full sized stock car. Around 1976 I filled in as a driver for Dick Taggert (he now races with the Midstate Antique Club) in his late model at Weedsport Speedway (now Cayuga County). The car was built for a much shorter person and I had never driven dirt before. Dick hurt his back and wanted me to qualify the car for the feature through a 14 car consolation race. So, after stuffing my self in to the driver's seat (the steering wheel rubbed on my legs) we gave it a shot. Nearing the end, the car was missing the rear bumper and had suffered a flat tire. Despite that, I had the car in a qualifying position (meaning I had survived over most of the others) but when a shock broke I decided my thrill was not worth risking turning my friends car in to a pile of junk so I parked it to ensure we would be back for more. Since then, I committed to staying involved in racing until I could give driving a quality effort. 

For some more information on our past, please check out the Photo Memories section. 

The time to restart my driving dream came in August of 2000. I bought the # 74 Grand American Modified, formerly run by Chuck Bruce at Tioga Speedway. I always knew that driving was tough, but getting behind the wheel was definitely an exciting experience. My friends still insist I swallowed several bugs since my mouth never closed for my first laps at speed. That first partial season allowed me to run a few weeks at Spencer, then I participated in the US Open at Lancaster Motorsports Park which took me to the track where my Dad had driven a Modified in 1970. I closed the year running at the historic reopening of the Chemung Speedrome. After that first exciting partial season, my friend and fellow racer Artie Gladfelter gave me my nick name of "Torpedo Tom". And with it's acceptance by fans, friends and family, I embraced my new racing identity. 

I hope my racing activities provide you with some fun and exciting entertainment and I look forward to meeting you some day. 

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